Monday, November 28, 2011

October 23rd

Do you remember where you were doing on October 23rd? Can you tell me what clothes you wore, what you ate for lunch, or any of the thousand minute things you may have done that day?
On October 23rd, my husband and I buried our son.  I will never forget following the hearse to the cemetery.  Josh and I decided that this was the hardest thing that we had ever done. We were mentally preparing ourselves for the upcoming funeral, and I was praying that I could hold it together.  As we turned the corner leaving the funeral home, I looked out the car window to see a young man, roughly our age, walking his dog.  Earlier that day I had seen a sign stating Marshall Wedding Ahead.  I saw a family at the park having a picnic. The world was spinning even though we were at a standstill.
The events of the day, and the ones surrounding it, shook me to my core. It changed who I am, but the majority of the population couldn’t tell you what they ate for lunch that day.  Those events made me think about all of the things that I held of such high importance that now I can’t even remember.
In our selfishness, we make ourselves more important than we are.  That sin causes us to lose our focus and treat God like our servant. I can’t tell you how many times I prayed for things that I wanted, rather than seeking His will for my life. Then there were those times I would worry myself sick over something that was completely about me.  God is not my servant, He is my master. I am His slave; a bondservant whose existence is His.
Francis Chan put it a very good way in his book, Crazy Love. We envision ourselves as main characters in the movie of life, when actually we are the extras in the background.
God used that day to glorify Himself, and He did that in many ways. That was a day of sorrow for our family, but it was a day of joy for the Marshall wedding party. For many others, God moved in their lives and they may not even be aware. But even in all of those events it is never about us.
It is always about Him. 

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