Thursday, February 2, 2012

Glorious Day

I am taking a break to write something that has been on my mind lately. In situations like mine, people tend to focus on the sadness. No doubt, my husband and I are in a sad situation, but like I have said before, there is good.
I have some amazing friends; God has used them to minister to my family in mighty ways. I thank God for them. One night recently a group of us were together. During our fellowship, we had a time of prayer. Many of our friends have small children, and most of them prayed that one day God would lead their children to Him, and save their souls. Their prayers were heartfelt, honest, and real. Their hearts were understandably heavy with the love of their children, and the desire for their security.
Tears welled up, but not for the reason you might think. I was completely overcome with relief. That is one prayer that I will never have to pray, at least not for Josh Jr.
When I was pregnant, we prayed nightly, and Josh’s prayer was always,
“God we pray that you bring our child to term, and ultimately save his or her soul.”  

God fulfilled that prayer. I was full term when we lost little Josh, and 2nd Samuel 12:23 says it best, I will go to him, but he will not return to me.” If it is in God’s will for us to have more children, I will undoubtedly join my dear friends in prayers for my children, submitting to the faultless will of the perfect God, whom has sustained me.

 I take great comfort in looking to the Resurrection, when Christ returns in full glory, seeking His bride. I rejoice in seeing my son there, but my heart longs for Christ, and an eternity worshipping Him. This loss here on earth, is preparing me for that glorious day, when I will be in the presence of my Savior. A time when this loss won't even compare to the glory to come. Soli Deo Gloria