Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Entrusted to His Father's Care

    It has been several days since my last post, things have been busy around the Caldwell home. For those that have been asking, Josh and I have been doing well. We still have moments of sadness that creep in and unexpected times, as I am sure will continue throughout this journey, but we are still very blessed. God has been faithful to us and shown us much grace. We continue to pray that He use this situation to glorify Himself. He has been nothing but good to us.d
    Its hard not to think about "what might have been" in our situation. I think about that I will never know what color little Josh's eyes were. I will never know his cry, or his favorite food, though I think it may have been chocolate cupcakes because I craved them toward the end of my pregnancy. When you think these thoughts on an earthly level, its hard not to get sad. But I am reminded of one very important thing, he wasn't mine.
     Even if he had lived on this earth, little Josh would not have been ours.His life was entrusted to the care of his Heavenly Father. During my pregnancy my prayer was that God would have His will done over this child. I prayed that his life be one that honored God. God is faithful! God's will was done in our son's life, it did honor God.
     Any parent that you ask will tell you they want more for their children than they were able to have. Josh and I are no exception, we wanted many things for little Josh. I am thankful that God was able to give our child more than we have. Our son is now in his glorified presence of a Holy God. His death has drawn many closer to Christ (including his parents), and above all God's will was done. I couldn't ask more for my son.

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