Thursday, October 10, 2013

Back on the Blogging Wagon

I have decided that I am horrible at blogging. Horrible.

I think I have commitment issues. My thirties are going to be my project of follow through. 

Yep, I turned 30.  So far I love it. I feel grown up with still a touch of young, so I am digging that combination. Does anyone remember the song by Deana Carter, “Strawberry Wine?” Well there’s a line in it that goes, “I still remember, when 30 was old….” I was 12 when that song came out, and I remember thinking that 30 was old! YIKES! 

Speaking of which, my father’s 50th birthday came and went. It was uneventful but really made me reflect. I guess motherhood does that. I was 12 the year my father passed away. He was 32 when he died, and I remember everyone around me exclaiming how young he was. At the time I couldn’t grasp it, but now that I am only 2 years younger than he was when he passed, I am shocked at how young he was.  I am thankful in some ways that I went through something so colossal so young. It really opened my eyes. What followed were some immensely painful years, but looking back, it tethered me to Christ. Up until that point I had no real faith, and that was a huge stepping stone that fixed my path. I wouldn’t take it back.  My eyes were opened to my heavenly father in losing my earthly father.

In other news, Solomon is turning 1! People are asking how I feel and if I am sad. The answer is no, not really. That sounds a little weird to say. God has blessed us with this little person and it amazes me every day how awesome this kid is.  Don’t get me wrong, the baby stage was a blast, but he is so much fun now. He is doing something new everyday, and it is a blessing to watch him learn about the world.While I was pregnant, our prayer was that God would grow Solomon to be a mighty man of God that honors him. Our prayer is still that for him, and God is honoring that prayer every day. Turning 1 is a reminder of how much God has blessed us. Solomon isn’t mine, I know that he is God's, but I am thankful that I have the opportunity to be his mom while on this life. 

Well, yay, I have finished an entry! I am applauding myself right now, and I have a little man who has just woken up and really needs to snuggle. I am taking advantage of these moments while I have them!

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  1. Halley, I have seen you grow into a wonderful lady, an obedient servant and great mom. I know you prayed for me when I was lost and that shows what type of caring person you were, you are and always will be. God has great and mighty things planned for you and your family, He is not done with you yet! Love, Bobby